Bugatti Electric Scooter Black

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One look at the unique aerodynamic design and high-end appearance of the Bugatti electric scooter will tell you that this is not just your average scooter. Fabricated with the everyday consumer in mind, it has a sleek yet functional folding design.

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Lightweight at only 35lbs, the scooter is constructed with a magnesium alloy frame, which allows for easy transport if you live in a high-rise or to be taken into a home or office for storage. Users can also benefit from its large LED visible screen, which displays a speedometer, odometer, speed mode, battery life, and headlights. It has a weight capacity of up to 242lbs and rides at a maximum velocity of 18.5mph.

The Bugatti electric scooter surely will not disappoint. Like all its products, Bugatti prioritizes high quality and front-line technology as the leading attributes of its peerless creations. Recognizing safety as a first and foremost concern, the Bugatti electric scooter is equipped with cutting-edge technologies to ensure driver protection. For those purposes, this electric scooter features unique lighting functions. Its dual-turn signals are located on the ergonomic handle grips, as well as above the rear mudguard. Additionally, there are illuminated base lights on the sides of the deck, and a back “EB” monogram projection logo for enhanced artistry, style and performance, especially at nighttime.

It has a dual-braking system, a front left hand break lever and rear E-ABS electronic brake for added security and comfort. Highlights of the Bugatti electric scooter include 600W maximum motor power (allowing riders to use the scooter on any type of terrain with a 15° incline), 9” run-flat tires, three speeds with cruise control, and a 36v/10ah battery with over-heating, short circuit, over-current and overcharge protection. The battery life covers approximately 25 miles. Replenishing the battery will take four hours to charge on a regular home, office, coffee shop, or any plug-on-the-wall charge point outlet. Furthermore, the Bugatti scooter is capable of riding in three different types of settings: Economy mode (9mph), City mode (12.5mph) and Sport mode (18.5mph). This scooter is perfect for local commuting and extremely fun, whether needing to quickly arrive at a local destination, or simply looking for a joy ride.



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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 42.75 × 19.01 × 19.09 in

34 reviews for Bugatti Electric Scooter Black


    Like it very much

  2. Nathan K.

    It’s Bugatti, it’s impeccable! The design and quality is unsurpassed. I can’t wait to get some serious miles on this scooter!!

  3. Julius

    very good product I hope it had more miles

  4. Anonymous

    Its unbelievable! Adds up with my veyron very nicely!

  5. Harry Dhaliwall

    fantastic electric scooter , very fun

  6. Alejandro Rosas

    Does it have gps tracking incase someone steals it???

  7. Edis


  8. Gina P.

  9. Rohoman K.

    Great quality, very fun to ride.

  10. mark evans

    LoUse it every day!v

  11. mark evans

    Love it use it every day

  12. Jannette

  13. Tom

    Great purchase will buy again

  14. Tristan

    Andrew Tate was proud

  15. Manoj Amrish

    I can finally answer, “What colour is your Bugatti?”.

  16. Anonymous

    Amazing product. Andrew Tate must be proud!

  17. Ben Dover

    What color is your Bugatti? Black.

  18. dave

    goes great with my pagani

  19. joe mama


  20. ching chong ling long

    rev up the bugatti wheeyy

  21. Bob

    Top G ryde

  22. faze rug

    forgot to review great scooter

  23. Cheung

    fits very nicely in the frunk of a Chiron, great for tiny road trips.

  24. Evgeniy

    Very good scooter, I add Bugatti to my car)!

  25. Simon

    Love it

    Love it

  26. pls don’t say

    i woke up in a new amazing bugatti

  27. Tristan tate

    Andrew tate has now 10 Bugattis 😎

  28. paul

    I bought 15 of them just to spend more.

  29. Luke Belmar

    every time i ride it starts playing tourney dans la vide . 5/5 stars

  30. Antonius abdelgawel

    If blught this step. Im now a to g

  31. Radha tate

    What color is your EV?
    -Radhes Tate

  32. Cool dude69😏😎

    Epic bugat very nice 😎🆒

  33. Harvir Singh

    Friend: What colour os ur bugatti 😂 *laughs hysterically Me: Black😈Friend: 😲

  34. TopG

    What color is your Bugati

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